Ashes Remain

Ashes Remain is an American Christian rock band. Band members include Josh Smith (lead vocals), Ben Kirk (drums), Rob Tahan (guitar), Jon Hively (bass guitar), and Ryan Nalepa (rhythmic guitar). They have released three albums, Lose the Alibis (2003), Last Day Breathing (2007), What I’ve Become (2011), two EPs, Red Devotion (2009) and Christmas EP (2012) and one non-album single, Separated (2004).

Ashes Remain is from Baltimore, Maryland, where Josh Smith of Florida and Ryan Nalepa met at a summer youth camp during worship services. They prayed about forming a band, which they did when the opportunity arose for Smith to become worship leader at a church. This church was just minutes from Nalepa’s home, so this facilitated the bands creation. The other members of the band, which comprised Rob Tahan, Jonathan Hively and Ben Kirk, were not added until some years later. In the summer of 2003, Ashes Remain released their first independent record, Lose the Alibis. On September 4, 2004, bass guitar player Ben Ogden left the group, leaving this statement on the band’s website: “Life is a bizarre collage of people, places, events . . . finding and losing, rising and falling, knowing and doubting. We live one life made up of many different seasons. Ashes Remain has been an incredible season in my life. Now, after two years, one record, a mini-tour, and countless performances, that season has come to an end. I’ve decided to leave the band for personal reasons. I believe in Ashes Remain and will always love the guys and the music we created. I’m excited to see where the Lord will take them as they, too, enter a new season. Jon Hively will be the new member and I’m convinced you’ll all love him. He’s a great friend and a heck of a bass player (he’s also good lookin’ and rides a motorcycle!). Please keep the band in your prayers as they continue to follow the Spirit’s leading. Please pray for me, as well, as I listen for the ‘still small voice’ amidst all the noise. Thanx for all the support you’ve shown us in the last two years. We will forever be amazed and humbled by your love. Peace, ben o.” Current bass player Jon Hively was then added to the band. Lose the Alibis was followed by Last Day Breathing on March 13, 2007 and the Red Devotion EP on July 22, 2009. In early 2010, Ashes Remain signed with Fair Trade Services. Ashes Remain has been together for ten years as of 2011. Their latest album What I’ve Become was made “from the perspective of feeling like there’s no hope but finding out that there really is.” The band feels that the “journey from dark to light isn’t overnight and sometimes has to be traveled many times, but it’s a journey the band is familiar with and feels called to travel with its fans.”[2] They have widespread appeal and their songs are played on CCM and Christian Rock and Rap stations around the country. Ashes Remain toured with Fireflight on the Stay Close Tour in early 2012.

On November 14, the band announced their release of their Christmas EP on Facebook, which was released on November 20. They announced that the song off of the album “Gift Of Love” will be the band’s new single and was available for free download on December 12.

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