Set For The Fall

After the band was established in the small town of Pinehurst, NC they immediately submerged themselves into writing with one purpose, to bring a truthful message of how God can transform any person from any walk of life to become an instrument in His unfailing plan. The band’s name came from scripture Luke 2:34 NKJV in which it explains Set For The Fall as being prepared for the day of judgement.

The band’s objective is to musically paint a picture of how God in all of His grace has reached into these broken men’s lives and rebuilt them to impact a generation that has become blind to it’s own downfall.
The band’s writing style comes from songs dealing with personal trials and experiences.

“We’re all human. God calls on us to be Christ-like not perfect. We want to show the world its normal to mess up but to have a heart of humility and to be able to admit our faults.”
-Donovan Roybal (Guitarist)

“We all worship in different ways. Our style just happens to have heavy guitar riffs mixed with grungy and melodic vocals.”
-Harrison Muffley (Guitarist)

Undeterred with a singular vision, their 2016 full length release “3 Nails” demands your attention with melodic vocals and hard hitting rhythms. The current singles are the title track “3 Nails” , a song about inner conflicts between our past and the path ahead of us and the current track “Rising”. Both songs have been received well by fans. States lead vocalist, Joey Lassiter, “It’s a surreal feeling when you hear the fans throughout the venue singing your songs.”

The band consists of Joey Lassiter on vocals, Harrison Muffley on guitar, Donovan Roybal on guitar, Nate Owensby on bass guitar and Jeff Dorber on drums. Lassiter continues, “I can’t imagine being on the road with anyone else. These guys are my brothers. They know everything about me and still have my back.”

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