BAKE A CAKE! Toddler & Daddy Style

There’s a first time for everything. Watch this father and daughter tackle baking a cake for the first time.

“Wha Dis?” Amaleh, the cutest toddler on earth, says. However, all the toddler parents in the world know that ‘DIS’ is why we are always late to everything that we are headed out to. ‘Dis’ is toddler style cooking, where Amaleh bakes in toddler first time style.

Best line ever! Daddy says, “That’s not going to work. You have to pour it.” Cutey says “No, an No.” That about sums it up! Watch to enjoy some father daughter bonding time.

Written by Jennifer Burrows

Jennifer Lynn is a mother, wife, teacher, and author, writing about faith during the conflicts of life. Learn more about Jennifer Lynn Burrows and the things she’s written at Facebook or on Twitter and Instagram.


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