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The Thank You Project

Tragedy is something every family hopes to avoid, to protect their children from at all cost. To even speak of potential tragedy can be frightening, like voicing potential dangers might make them come to fruition. When it does strike, however, it often changes everything for the family, and the soft, fun, kind, round edges that make up the love that bonds a family together can often become sharp, sore, frustrated, and damaged.

This story of a family that works hard to retain it’s soft, kind, round edges of love pulls at the heartstrings. It is a family that tragedy did not control, and a family that chose to thank those that helped them survive The Thank You Project is inspiring, and an overwhelmingly beautiful project!

Written by Jennifer Burrows

Jennifer Lynn is a mother, wife, teacher, and author, writing about faith during the conflicts of life. Learn more about Jennifer Lynn Burrows and the things she’s written at Facebook or on Twitter and Instagram.


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