Third Times A Charm!

In our culture of consumerism we often don’t pause to think how this mentality of consumption effects the decisions we make. However, one pup struggled through two families who discarded her after only a few months. Some might think the situation hopeless, the dog faulty, the problem too big! However, hope is always just around the next corner, and giving up should never be an option. Animals are friends, family, and fun and they are not a consumer item no matter what a dog store may say. They are a living breathing beautiful creation of God! And we celebrate that the saddest dog in the world, in her third adoption has found her hope, and is living her happy new life!

Written by Jennifer Burrows

Jennifer Lynn is a mother, wife, teacher, and author, writing about faith during the conflicts of life. Learn more about Jennifer Lynn Burrows and the things she’s written at Facebook or on Twitter and Instagram.


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